Merrie Monarch

It’s that time of year again;  the Merrie Monarch Festival.  This has grown into an annual international cultural festival that will last all week, taking place in Hilo.  It’s pretty amazing, and televised so we get to support our home halau.

April is busy beyond belief with people needing ti-leaves (all long) for their performances.  Last couple of years there have even been off island requests.  Nothing beats word of mouth advertisements.

Then, the week of Merrie Monarch there will be the last minute panic phone calls to try and cover the no-show or unusable ti-leaf orders people had.  That’s actually how we got the off island orders.

There are ti-leaves planted all over the yard.  There are always buckets around with new plants starting too.  We take cuttings from good specimens (long leaves) when they get too tall to be comfortably gotten, but never until AFTER Merrie Monarch.

UPDATE. So after the Ti was harvested for Merrie Monarch (April) many of the plants were cut down to allow new growth.  Im impressed how quickly they grow back.  Right now the leaves have grown maybe a foot.  We were planning on taking a break for two years to allow regrowth, but if this keeps up, that much time may not be necessary.


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