Jimmy’s Tis & Flowers

James Kuwewe Kahookele was born May 8, 1934 at home in Nahiku, on the East side of the Island of Maui.  The original house on the hill is still there, though very much upgraded over time.  The yard is well maintained, though a lot of the plants we grew up with being there were removed by the current owners.  Just to be clear, the property is still in the family, just passed down to the next generation.

Known to all as “Uncle Jimmy”, he made the decision a lifetime ago to raise his children in his hometown.  Nahiku is a special place.  Unique in the culture and atmosphere.  A little village time passed by.  Wanting to retire but still needing activity and income, our little farm was born.

Jimmy’s Ti’s & Flowers.  We grown different tropical flowers, though the main crop is green ti-leaves.  Over the years, the farm has expanded operations to allow for animals and additional plants and trees.